Hazards 33: we are presenting!

Are you interested in sustainability, the environment, climate change or natural hazard impact on the process industry?

If that’s a yes, come and see us present at the IChemE Hazards 33 Process Safety Conference on Thursday 9 November 2023 at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham.

Rob Ritchie, one of our Senior Consultants and environmental specialists, will be talking about the valuation of the environment for COMAH CBA and ALARP demonstration.  His presentation, ‘Valuation of  Environmental Receptors for Cost Benefit Analysis in a Control of Major Accident Hazards Context – Phase 2 Progress’, co-authored with Amaia O’Reilly of the Energy Institute, will provide an update on the Energy Institute’s work to propose a set of base value estimates that could be assigned to environmental receptors and MATTEs and then used as inputs to CBA calculations.

Immediately afterwards, Aimee Russell, one of our Senior Analysts, will be presenting ‘NaTech Hazards – What they are, why we should care and what we can do’.

According to the OEDC, Natural Hazard Triggered Technological Accidents (NaTech) are a threat which is likely to grow in line with climate change.  Co-authored with Rob and Carolyn Nicholls, our Managing Director, the paper sets out to describe the sort of events that fall under this description, consider why we should care about them, provide suggestions for what we can do about them, and emphasise the importance of their consideration alongside the more traditional assessment of risk.

Finally, keep your eyes peeled for our poster on ‘Integrating Sustainability Into Hazard Studies’ as you walk around the Centre. In it we share our thoughts on making projects, safe, smart and sustainable.

If you would like to find out more about these rapidly developing aspects of process safety, or have any questions specific to your site, come along and meet the team.

We are looking forward to what should be an excellent few days.